Woman Missing For Two Years Found Alive Floating At Sea

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A 46-year-old woman has been rescuced off the coast of Colombia after being found floating at sea.

Angelica Gaitan was found floating at sea, unconscious and suffering from hypothermia. In what appears to be a miracle fishermen found her floating with a lifebuoy at around 6am on Saturday 26th September. After being rescued Angelica was quoted saying “I was born again, God did not want me to die.” The fishermen Rolando Visbal and his friend who where on the boat that rescued Angelica where shocked when they found her floating at sea and believed she was possibly dead at first.

According to Angelica Gaitan, her husband was abusive, and she refused to leave him as she was worried about her children and what he may do to them.

After a brutal assault, Angelica decided she could take no more and made a run for it. She had been on the run for many years before she finally decided to throw herself into the sea unable to cope with reality anymore.

Angelicas family have contradicted her story saying she suffers from mental health problems and that in recent years her mental health has deteriorated. They are now trying to raise money to bring her home.

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