Fallout 4 Will Run at 60FPS on Xbox Series X and Series S

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Xbox has shared gameplay showing Fallout 4 running on the Xbox Series S at a locked 60FPS.

As confirmed by Xbox in a gameplay video uploaded to YouTube the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will be able to run Fallout 4 at 60FPS doubling from the previous generations locked framerate of 30FPS. It is still unknown whether the PS5 will run Fallout 4 at 60FPS with neither Sony or Bethesda commenting on the matter.

Xbox noted in there blogpost that Fallout 4 is not the only game that will benefit from increased framerates and visual fidelity but in fact most backwards compatible Xbox One games will benefit significantly. The Xbox Series S and X have far superior hardware then there last generation counterparts therefore it should be no surprise we are seeing older titles benefiting from the increased hardware capabilities.

Quote from Fallout 4 Backward Compatibility Video

“Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S bring next-gen performance to your favourite games. Higher, steadier framerates make games feel smoother, resulting in more immersive gameplay. The Fallout 4 framerate technical demo has effectively doubled the framerate of the game from 30fps to 60fps”

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch on the 10th November 2020.

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