21 Year Old Woman Quits Job To Earn Six Figures a Month Pretending to be a Dog

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This 21 year old woman has quit her job to earn six figures a month pretending to be a dog.

Jenna Phillips a 21 year old woman who lives in Austin, Texas has decided to quite her day job to become a four-legged canine. Jenna first showed her love pretending to be a dog on the popular social media platform TikTok where she uploaded a series of videos in which she would perform dog like behaviour such as barking and playing fetch.

Jenna’s TikTok grew massively in a short space of time and with the following she acquired she has since made a OnlyFans account. It is rumoured that she may be making up to six figures a month from her OnlyFans where she sells subscriptions at $20 a month.

I think we can all say fair play to Jenna for earning as much money as she is from doing something that she loves. You can follow her by searching for “thatpuppygirl”.

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